Fellow Nigerian youths. A few days ago, the Senate passed the bill allowing for independent candidacy and a significant reduction in the age for contesting various political offices. The passage of these bills will henceforth alter the political calculations in Nigeria. Let me state categorically that there are "good" youths and there are "bad" youths. A visit to any Nigerian prison will show that the majority of the inmates are youths. Likewise, a visit to any religious gathering will show that the majority of the worshippers are youths. If the "good" youths do not rise up to this challenge, the "bad" youths, many of whom have wined and dined with the old brigades, will rise and catch in on the opportunity, leaving us worse than we currently are, as Nigerians now crave for a breath of fresh air and credible alternative at this critical point in our national life. I hereby call on credible youths with leadership qualities to rise up to this critical challenge and save our nation from collapse. As I make myself available to run for the post of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2019, I urge credible, dependable, selfless and visionary youths, whose goal is to SERVE and not use political office as an avenue for self enrichment, to rise and vie for the Senate, House of Representatives, State Governorship and our various Houses of Assembly. Once those credible youths arise, the rest of us should rally around them and market them to the electorates. The presence of credible and visionary youths across the spheres of governance will serve as a catalyst to birthing the New Nigeria of our dream. We the youths don't have millions and billions stacked away...our selling point is our vision, credibility and genuineness to SERVE. So we must work so hard to educate the populace on the need to cast their ballots without monetary inducements as we embark on this journey tagged REVOLUTION-NIGERIA 2019. Please SHARE this message on all your social media platforms, that youths at home and in the diaspora may be so abreast. If the youths are not ready, then we are doomed; we and generations unborn! A New Nigeria is possible. Yes We Fit!!!

Thomas- Wilson Ikubese
Presidential Aspirant
1st August, 2017